3 Uses For This Giant Thread Ball

I’d like to state right away that I inherited this giant thread ball… it is not of my making.

When I bought the store this ball was in a plastic bin with some tapestry wool and a few other leftover things. I had a good laugh when I saw it but it has come in quite handy over the years. Here are some of the ways it has been helpful

1. As A Warning

We all know that dye lots change. Sometimes they change a lot. Most of us try to prepare for that by buying as much floss as we need for a project when we’re first kitting it up, but sometimes, when we’re (understandably) trying to budget, we decide to buy the rest of the floss later. The problem is we never know when the dye lot will change and we don’t want to end up with floss that doesn’t match, especially if it’s for a background (which I have seen happen).

2. To Help Those Caught In The Above Problem

It has happened several times that I have fished through this ball of thread for a customer and found just enough of the old dye lot of the colour they needed for them to finish their project. It seems unlikely, but it has happened. So if you do end up with pieces of floss that you think aren’t worth keeping, maybe think again – you could rescue a project of yours of of a friend’s in the future with it.

3. For A Laugh

Okay, maybe this isn’t a legit reason, but couldn’t we all use a bit more joy in our lives. Just think of the reaction of your friends when you bring out a beauty like this. 

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